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 How Franchising Works

The term 'franchising' is used to depict a wide range of business connections, however, in its most common use, it denotes Business Format Franchising. In Business Format Franchising, an organization licenses its brand names and demonstrated business strategies to others in return for a reoccurring license fee, a percentage of gross sales, or a standard fixed charge.

An organization that licenses its brand, trademark, and business strategies is known as a franchisor. A company or individual that pays to utilise a franchisor's brand, trademark, and business strategies is known as a franchisee. Franchisees open replicas of the franchisor's business and run them with the guidance, training, and supervision of the franchisor.

The connection between a franchisor and a franchisee is administered by an agreement called the franchise Agreement.

The franchisee agreement highlights the advantages, terms and conditions, limitations, and additional information of the agreement.


A business working within a franchise agreement is commonly referred to as a franchise partner or franchisee.

The Franchise Agreement commonly entitles the franchisee for introductory preparation and training, and franchisee manual and guidelines and a start-up package, a delegated area of operation in the form of a postcode, town, city or region, on-going support, national marketing support, supply of branded products and materials and a license to use the franchisor's trademark.

This agreement entitles the franchisor to their franchise fees and states clearly the control the franchisor has over their trademark, marketing materials, and how the products are sold whilst maintaining the highest of quality and standards of the business.

Franchising enables people to own and function a profitable proven business model and provides those with a profitable business model to expand, which benefits both parties.

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